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Warts are relatively harmless growths. However, they can cause pain when they grow into the soles of your feet. At Total Foot and Ankle Care in Hurst and Dallas, Texas, Amir Azer, DPM, and the team specialize in treating warts that affect the feet (plantar warts). To get help for warts, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Warts Q & A

What are warts?

Warts are skin growths caused by various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). 

You develop warts when your skin comes in direct contact with a wart or indirectly from shared objects. For example, you may come in contact with HPV and get warts on your feet when walking around a public area without shoes. 

The skin growths usually appear 1-6 months after contact with the virus. Warts are relatively harmless but affect appearance and cause discomfort, especially when they affect the feet. 

What are the symptoms of plantar warts?

Plantar warts are warts that grow on the bottom of your feet. Normally, warts appear as raised growths on the skin. However, standing and walking force warts on the bottom of the feet to grow inward. Plantar warts look a lot like calluses, causing thickened areas of skin.

You may have one large wart or a cluster of warts on your feet. Because they grow into the foot, you may also have foot pain.

When should I see a podiatrist for foot warts?

Plantar warts aren’t a serious health issue, and you can try over-the-counter (OTC) wart medication to get rid of them. They may also go away over time.

However, you should visit the podiatry team at Total Foot and Ankle Care if your wart fails to go away with at-home care, causes foot pain, or you have multiple plantar warts.

The team also recommends podiatry care for warts if you have a personal medical history of diabetes, neuropathy (nerve damage), or poor circulation. 

What are the treatments for foot warts?

The Total Foot and Ankle Care team customizes your foot wart treatment plan based on the size and number of warts you have, your medical history, and the type of symptoms your warts cause.

Podiatry treatment for warts may include topical or oral medication. Or, the team may recommend a prescription-strength acidic medication that causes the wart to peel away in layers. The team may also try cryotherapy — freezing the wart to cut off its blood supply so it falls off within a week or so.

When conservative treatments fail to get rid of warts, the team at Total Foot and Ankle Care may perform minor surgery to remove warts.

For expert care of foot warts, call Total Foot and Ankle Care or schedule an appointment online today.